Motion graphics and animation

After working in a broad range of disciplines since 1999, including animation, web design and programming, and feature film production, I've recently narrowed my focus and set a goal to specialize exclusively in motion graphics and motion design.


A deep understanding of animation principles, typography, and video editing, along with technical expertise, have been crucial to the success of past motion graphics projects.


Software packages used include After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and Maya, with plug-ins including Red Giant Trapcode Suite, Knoll Light Factory, DUIK, and Element 3D.


Style Frames: "A Year in Space" promo

Credits: Photos courtesy of

Project completed for School of Motion "Design Bootcamp"

Recent animation project: How to Train Your Dragon - Hatching Toothless Commercial


Maya is the go-to software package for animating CG creatures and characters. But with a bit of back-end coding and an open-source Maya plugin developed by the Autodesk Robotics Lab., it can also be used to control and operate industrial robots!


I was brought onto this project by the great folks at Steam Creative to operate the 6-axis industrial robot controlling the camera. I set animation keys in Maya, which the robot then performed. This allowed us to create precise and repeatable camera moves, thus saving significant time in production and post.

The robot used for this project, as pictured on Steam's green screen stage:

Recent animation project: Character design and lip sync animation


From concept to character design, rigging, animation, and compositing in one day. Animated in After Effects.

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