An organization's website must serve multiple audiences at once, each of whom have different reasons for visiting the site, various tasks to perform, and specific information they want to find quickly and easily.


The projects below were conceived, designed, and produced for a wide range of users. Every site delivers its content in a different way, but with the same goal: a great user experience.


Role: Web/UI design, graphics and layouts, coding

Challenge: Design and code UIs, graphics, and pages for massive site of over 10,000 pages to be easily accessible across platforms and connection speeds by all taxpayers, including those with hearing or visual impairments


All users can find the info they need on on all browsers and devices, including screen readers for the blind and visually impaired.


Role: Web/UI design, daily updated web graphics, digital newsletters, layouts for print ads, and all print collateral, from posters to matchbooks

Challenge: Multi-task and prioritize short- and long-term projects under tight deadlines while responding to various changing needs across departments as new customers were added daily.


Company later completed successful IPO, followed by sale to Priceline Group for $2.6B.


Role: Web Producer and Editor

Challenge: Manage multiple teams (video editors, designers, web production specialists, and copywriters) to bring long-term multimedia project across finish line


Website launched to industry accolades and positive response across media channels.


Role: Web/UI design, social media, logo design and branding, t-shirt design, art-directing photo shoots, MailChimp admin

Challenge: Create a consistent brand identity for band across its website, merchandise, and social media channels, while serving 4 different audiences: talent bookers/clients; press and radio outlets; existing fans; and new fans


Following website launch, multiple L.A. area radio stations played the band's new release and mentioned the website URL on the air, resulting in a 600% increase in mailing list subscriptions.

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